Aeryn Di'naar
Gender: Female
Species: Mrrshan
Height: 200 Centimeters
Weight: 102 Kg
Planet of Origin: Aerys
Current living space: Fieras II
Home Universe/Reality: Etrus
Profession(s): Commander of the Fifth Wing
Ships Posting: IMV Avenger
Ships Position: High Admiral, third in Mrrshan Council of Eight
Rank: High Admiral
Current Age: 87
Children: none
Personal Weapons Systems
Energy Manipulation: Mk V Plasma Assault Rifle, Xentronium monomolecular Sabre.
Armour/Attire: Mk II Flowmetal Powered Armor with Integrated Shield Belt.
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation/Alligences: Mrrshan Empire, Mrrshan-Corozethian Empire
Allies: Mrrshan Space Navy
Enemies: United Space Command Continuum

Early LifeEdit

Born on an outlying colony that was almost completely obliterated by the Antarans, she lived her life trusting nothing other than herself and what she could build with her hands. When she was finally rescued, along with the other 1000 survivors, she immediately joined the military. She was, however, astounded to find that the Mrrshan Navy was now nothing more than a whole bunch of glorified Beasts of burden.

Joining the MilitaryEdit

Having spent most of her life without the biotech that most Mrrshan have come to embrace, she sees if as frivilous and untrustworthy, and so clings to the harsh, cool reality that embodies the Mrrshan's Mechanical Starships. When she attained the rank of admiral, having served aboard many Bio-mechanoid starships, she immediately petitioned the council of elders to put into effect the construction of a new, mechanical fleet, showing the advantages that such a fleet would have, thus she became the admiral of the first Mrrshan Mechanical fleet since before the Antaran war.


Aeryn is cold and aloof, and knows suffering, having had to survive alone on a doomed colony since the age of 10, and will take no lip from her subordinates. Her current assignment is aboard the flagship of the Mrrshan mechanical fleet, The Avenger.