The Ageas class battlecruiser is the second ship class to come out of the 'New Era' of USCC ship building, along with the Darion Battleship, and other classes (yet to be named) this ship was designed in mind of current weapon systems (that USCC had knowledge on) and the new JARVIS AI system.


Length: 1700 Meters Width: 700 Meters Height: 800 Meters Engines: 1 Veri Gravemetric Engine - 1 Yellow Element amplified M/AM generator Speed: 2000 ly/day Shielding: MK II Compressed Shields, Aquaos MK I PDE Shields Hull: Zyrgtonium Alloy Triple Layered/Repelon Alloy Triple Layered in alternating layers (so 6 layers, up to 3 - 5 meters thick for each layer) Weapons: 35 Particle Beams, 15 Heavy Ion Batteries, 8 Auto Gauss Cannons, 1 Kinetic Mass Driver, 6 Missile Launchers (Redeemer or Vortex), 4 Yellow Jacket Launchers, 1 Drej Cannon, 20 Rapid fire Mass Drivers, 10 Rapid Fire Plasma Cannons, 12 Rapid Fire Photon Cannons Crew: 1,250 Troops: 2,500 Support Craft: 4 Squadrons of Fighters/Bombers (50 Craft Each) AI: Prototype 'Jarvis' AI