Antipathy is the first of the Gallifreyan Type 103 War TARDIS. Originally developed with temporal weapons and technology. Those are now inoperative due to over 850 years of use, with no access to other Gallifreyan technology. The Watcher, therefore scavenged the Temporal Circuits and reprogrammed them to bring the essential systems, such as sensors, and translocation systems to full operational capacity. In addition, the 450 TARDISes worth of temporal circuitry that The Watcher had scavenged has also gone into repairing other heavily damaged systems, bringing Antipathy to full operational capacity, minus temporal capabilities.

She is also sentient, like most Tyoe 103s, and is capable of piloting herself, although she prefers to work with her bonded partner, The Watcher. In addition, she is capable of communicating alone with normal 3 dimensional life forms, as well as other TARDISes, which makes her a great liason between the two species.

Antipathy's store of weapons have been converted to more conventional types, with universal torpedo launchers capable of launching any torpedo currently known, due to its multiple geometry launchers, which can be adjusted to accomodate any torpedo system, as long as the torpedo is in the possession of the user.

Antipathy, being a War Tardis, has been specifically designed to be virtually impregnable. However, due to over 500 years of seperation from the Gallifreyans, its durability is only about 1.5 times as great as a normal TARDIS. Also, Antipathy has been re-purposed as an exploratory craft, rather than a war craft, although she is perfectly capable of defending herself against most threats. The majority of her weapons have been replaced with sensor banks, and computer systems for cataloging data, and keeping track of customers, although there is still plenty of space for posh living suites, and other systems necessary for The Watcher's comfort.


  • External Dimensions: Variable, Default form is a dull brass sphere approximately 20 meters in diameter
  • Internal dimensions:
    • Length: 5,600 meters
    • Width: 4,500 meters
    • Height: 3,750 Meters
  • Power: Eye of Harmony based Zero-Point Entropic Reactor, 2 Backup Fusion power supplies, Entropic energy collection matrices with ultra-high density storage.
  • Propusion: TARDIS Propulsion System
  • FTL: Undefined. Near Instantaneous Translocation System. Range: Indefinite.
  • Hull:
    • Outer Hull: Comprised of an Exo-Chromic shell comprised materials recruited from subspace.
    • Inner Hull: Comprised of an Endochromic Quantum-Crystalline enhanced Pseudo-Organic coral matrix. Dimensionally seperate from the outer hull.
  • Shielding Systems: Enhanced Gravitic Force Screens, Aetheryn shielding systems
  • Defenses: Hazard Avoidance/Detection System. Highly Advanced Phasing Cloak, Chameleon Circuit, Integrated Security Systems.
  • Weapons: 14 Defensive Particle Beams, 2 Phaser Canons, 6 Universal Torpedo Launchers. 6 Mauler Cannons. 1 Heavy Grav Cannon.
  • Sensors: Gallifreyan Ultra High Resolution Sensor arrays (Active and Passive), Enhanced Gravitic Sensor systems, Tachyon Scanners, Asgard Sensor systems, Integrated Gelcircuitry computer system with advanced interpretation algorithms
  • Crew: 1, with up to 5,000 passengers.