Artemis System NetEdit

The Artemis system net is made up of a network of Sensor Emplacements, such as the Distant Early Warning Class sensor outposts, Grav Cannon Emplacements, mostly of the Heavy to Super Heavy Variety, but also a few Asteroid Chuckers, Turret emplacements, consisting of Heavy Mauler, Tachyon, and Particle Beam cannons, and Missile emplacments, utilizing the most advanced missiles available, with Shielding and Emissions guidance systems. Each station, regardless of type supports both Holtzman and Class X shields, as well as Xentronium armor, and is capable of full autonomy.

While each station can operate autonomously, the sheer number of them (Hundreds of thousands, or more, throughout the systems) lends them well to coordination. Coordination is primarily handled through a planetary supercomputer dedicated to the task, however, the stations also have the ability to coordinate amongst themselves, designating targets for certain groups, or even coordinating with the planetary defenses, which are separate entities entirely.

Atropos System NetEdit

A highly advanced network of small, autonomous, self-targeting mines, designed to be deployed in asteroid belts and along the outskirts of the planets. All mines are loaded with a krellium-enhanced antimatter charge, and are coated with sensor absorbing material, in order to allow them better chance of remaining undetected by enemy vessels. The network operates by way of integrated sensors strung throughout the system, and slaved to a central defense network, when vessels enter the system, they are automatically prompted for a code, lacking such a code, the mines will automatically target the enemy vessels, and detonate.