The Augenkugel is a combination of an advanced miniaturized anti-gravity units, as well as sensors allowing for the transmission of video, audio, and telemetry such as speed, radiation, weapons discharges, and planetary makeup, all packed into a ball only 21 centimeters in diameter. In this way, it is often used as an advanced recon scout. The Anti-gravity units allow the device to hover at a distance of up to 40 kilometers from the ground, and the sensor pallets are perfectly capable of high altitude photography.


The Augenkugels come in pairs, including the unit itself and a controller. The Augenkugel will then send the telemetry to the controller, as well as any other unit that is capable of recieving the signals. The Augenkugel is also programmable, allowing it to roam and discover for itself, without intervention from an outside source. Each Augenkugel has a miniaturized subspace transmitter, with a range of up to 10,000 kilometers, however, they also have their own gelcircuitry or optronic storage systems, dependant on model, with capacities of 50-400 petabytes, again, dependant on model.


Each Augenkugel operates by plasma batteries and a microfusion reactor, and can remain operative for up to 5 days without a recharge, though that can vary depending on how much fusable material they are able to scavenge from the atmosphere, how much sunlight they are able to get, and how much they are using their antigravity generators or other advanced sensors.


Augenkugels also have their own limited defense system, consisting of a durable nano-enhanced Xentronium shell, and a low powered Class X shield. They are also capable of generating repulsive fields with their antigravity generators, although that can drain their cells quickly. In the event of capture, the Augenkugel self destructs to prevent its technology from falling into the wrong hands.