The Chair

The Aurora Chair is a torture and interrogation device used by the Darloks.

The Aurora Chair was invented by Scorpius to extract information in lieu of less reliable conventional interrogation methods. Often referred to simply as "the chair", it is employed throughout the Darlok military, both in bases and on starships, and is considered one of the most effective means of gaining information from unwilling subjects. The chair can painfully sort through its subject's memories, pushing farther and harder depending on the setting. It is designed to sort through and uncover the mind's "layers", until all thoughts and memories are exposed and displayed on a screen attached to the chair. Because of the pain caused by this process, the chair can be used as a punishment device in addition to interrogation. In some cases, the Aurora Chair can also permanently remove information from its subject's mind. Some species are more resistant to the chair's effects, notably Baniks.

The Darloks have also developed a device that can extract memories painlessly, but operating on the same principles. Currently, questions are being raised as to the veracity of the results of the machine, which means that they are much less common in the Mrrshan Empire.Though some believe that the chair cannot be fooled, it is possible to implant false information into its output.