Avenger Class Cruiser
Manufacturer: Fieras Heavy Shipyards
Type: Cruiser
Ships Role: Anti-Capital
Length: 1,500 Meters
Beam: 750 Meters
Draft: 450 meters
Crew Manifest: 1,000
Troop Manifest: 2,000 Troops
Fighter Complement: 50 Wolfen Class Fighters
Mech Complement: None
Drive/Computer Systems
Energy/Power Core: Mk II Gravitic Zero Point Reactor
Main FTL Propulsion: Starburst @ Hetch .5 or Holtzman FTL Drive
Sub-Light Propulsion: 3 Tai'Shan Interphased Sublight Engines, 1 Gravitic Drive Unit
Main Computer Systems: Gelcircuitry or nano-optronic computer core
Offensive/Defensive Systems
Heavy Weapons systems: One Heavy Grav Cannon or 1 Stellar converter
Energy Manipulation: 60 Heavy Death Rays, 75 Heavy Mauler Cannons, 60 Heavy Plasma Cannons, 100 Particle beams, 250 Point Defense Particle Beams
Basic Defense Systems: Class X or Aetheryn Shields. Re-Enforced Xentronium Hull Matrix, Flowmetal Armor
Special/Heavy Defense Systems: Sensor Displacer, HAMDS
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation/Alligences: Mrrshan Empire, Mrrshan-Corozethian Empire
Allies: Mrrshan Space Navy

The Avenger class Cruiser is one of the few Mrrshan ships of the line that is non-organic. The design was originally based on an ancient orion warship, and still maintains many of the weapons that made the original Avenger so deadly.