An awareness spectrum narcotic is any narcotic substance that has the ability to expand an individual's consciousness on some level. This expansion of consciousness could manifest itself in many ways, including prescience, Other Memory, (Other Memory was used mainly as a source of knowledge, especially when much written history had been lost to time. It was only made available to an individual after they successfully converted a Awareness spectrum narcotic. If they could not, they died.) , or simply an increase in immediate awareness and sensory ability.

Those who possessed the ability to see into the future when taking awareness spectrum narcotics were considered prescient. Many awareness spectrum narcotics were known to exist throughout the Empire. The spice melange, which originated on the planet Arrakis, is perhaps the most powerful, and certainly, the most well known of any of the Drugs.

Concept of PrescienceEdit

The God-Emperor Leto Atreides II described prescience as the ability to recognise patterns in history repeating themselves over and over again. The term has also been used to describe the ability of Guild Navigators to see into the immediate present and future, so that they could plot a safe path for Heighliners when travelling through space. An individual who possessed true prescience could see into all the possibilities of the present and how they interplayed into the future.

Despite those with prescient abilities possessing the power to see into the future, it had its limitations. Primarily, those who possessed true prescience could see their own death long before it happened. As a result, prescient individuals were prone to despair, and usually felt a sense of loss for their humanity. Indeed, Guild Navigators ceased to even look human after having breathed in the orange melange gas over many years, and would become physically and emotionally remote from humanity in general. An individual with perfect prescience would become completely paralyzed by the tedium of existing: absolute foreknowledge of every breath and pulsebeat of every being in the universe would make one aware of one's own irrelevance.

Another major limitation of prescience hinges on the question of whether or not a prescient adept sets the future in stone just by seeing it in the first place. It was this dangerous paradox that had Leto II breed specifically for a human who could not be seen by prescient viewers (Siona Atreides), to allow humanity the freedom from oracular pronouncement that almost led it to extinction.

That's assuming that Prescience is powerful enough with a certain individual. In most cases, prescience is limited to the immediate future, and even then is limited, thus, a user of an awareness spectrum narcotic could potentially see a battle on the horizon, but may not know the exact causes that lead up to it. In addition, there are also blind grounds in the timeline. Thus, a person still might not know exactly what is to come, or even have any idea what is to come.