A biological weapon that targets the DNA of a specific species. Usually requires a small sample (20 ir 30) to develop a virus specific to the target species, allowing the Mrrshan to preserve both their troops and the ecosystem when taking over the planet. The bio-terminator itself is capable of annihilating any and all organic matter in a given area, though protective measures against biological agents should still work, assuming they do not incorperate organics into their construction. The Bio-Terminator will render a planet completely devoid of life within 24-72 hours, depending upon the number of bombs used and whether or not it is targeted. A targeted bio terminator will work within the same amount of time, but only kills those species it is targeted for. While it takes 20 or 30 individual samples to make a targeted bio-terminator, a non-targeted bio-terminator can be used, at the expense of the ecosystem.