A Block Transfer Computation is a mathematical process used to create objects and affect spacetime in other ways by the power of mathematic formulae themselves. These were developed by the Psilons and are the main power behind the Holtzman FTL Drive, as well as the means by which advanced courses are plotted through starburst as well. The use of Block transfer Computations can increase the relative accuracy of a starburst drive by over 75%

Computers apparently cannot use Block Transfer Computations as the calculations themselves would alter the nature of the computer. Therefore, organic life forms must do the work. This has been worked around by the Psilons and Mrrshan, who use organic computers and pilots to do the work for them.

Block Transfer Computations can be used to create or re-create any object or spacetime event, provided enough mathematical information is supplied. The Computations can also re-create or even duplicate people, however, the replication of people is expressly forbidden. Theoretically, these computations could be used to transcend the boundaries of time itself, however, fourth dimensional Block Transfer Computations are currently beyond the scope of the Mrrshan Empire.