The Bulrathi are a race of Ursoids that originated in a high gravity environment. In the past, they were well known for their highly armored starships, and their nearly undefeatable infantry forces. Because they originated in a high gravity environment, they are considerably stronger than their counterparts in normal gravity. They also have stronger bodies, and are capable of taking more damage than the average person, especially when equipped with powered armor. Because of their enhanced strength, they are also capable of carrying more ammunition and heavier weapons. It is for this reason that the Mrrshan have made the Bulrathi their shock troops.

The Bulrathi live on the moons in the Orion and Cha'aan systems. These moons, outfitted with gravity generators closely replicate the Bulrathi homeworld, which was lost in the Antaran war. The Bulrathi, like the Mrrshan, also have 2 hearts, but also have an enhanced resperatory system, and have been genetically modified to have better eyesight, allowing them to serve better as troops. Bulrathi generally only live to be 100 or 150, anyone older than 80 is considered an elder, and anyone living more than 150 years is almost unheard of.