Cloning CenterEdit

A cloning center is a specialized genetic engineering center where people, organs, and even specialized organisms are cloned, en masse, for use in anything from biological weapons, to creation of starships, or even cloning massive amounts of colonists, in the traditional cloning center, the subject in question still takes the normal amount of time to grow to maturity. In the case of sentient beings, or even other animals, random genetic factors are introduced in order to stave off Genetic Stagnation.

Progenation MachineEdit

Another, more specialized version of the cloning center is the Progenation Machine.

A progenation machine is a device that artificially produces a direct descendant of a donor. By taking a sample of the subject's diploid cells, it can split the cells into haploids and rearrange them in a new configuration. The new DNA is then used to grow an adult subject within months, rather than years, by using entropy accelleration to age the subject faster, and still maintain genetic coherance. The subject emerges fully-clothed, and the machine can download knowledge directly into their brain, which can be used to create any number of specialists en masse, including Soldiers, Scientists, Farmers, and even Starship Pilots