The Cortex was developed by the Mrrshan in their home Galaxy. However, it has taken them awhile to develop the infrastructure to support such a massive endeavor as that in this galaxy. The Cortex itself is a massive network of Computers, Subspace Trancievers and other telecom systems that allow for Telecommunications, Multimedia Streaming and filesharing over the entirety of the Mrrshan empire.


Developed in the Mrrshan-Psilon War, the Cortex was originally designed to aid Scientists in sharing information to aid in research. Soon after, however, the specifications were leaked, and the public got ahold of the technology, allowing vast amounts of information to be left at the public's fingertips. No longer was information limited to large libraries that had to be updated monthly, everything could be provided from one source, or multiple sources could be used to provide information, allowing capacity to be added as needed.

Its use TodayEdit

Today, the Cortex provides telecommunications through a vast network of Subspace Tachyon transcievers, which allow for virtually instant communication anywhere within the Mrrshan empire, and around 1,000 parsecs beyond that. The technology is ubiquitous, and can be accessed from any Mrrshan computer terminal, however, there are some limitations: Library resources are not all on the Cortex, for obvious security reasons. Although most can be accessed from the cortex with appropriate authorization. In addition, currently only Mrrshan technology can interface with this cortex. The Subspace band used for information transfer is so narrow, and the method of transfer so unique, that few alien races could interface with it without Mrrshan assistance. Though detection of it is entirely possible.


The Cortex is maintained and propegated through planetary installations, as well as a number of relay stations in deep space. Both types of installations are heavily guarded, as it comprises the primary communications network of the Mrrshan empire. The Speed of the cortex is generally considered to be instantaneous, due to the rapid propagation of the transciever signal, Likewise, bandwidth is rarely an issue, making it the fastest internet this side of the Galaxy.


The Military has its own network that is simply called the Galactic Cybernet, which is more heavily encrypted and slower than the Cortex. With this reduction in speed and increase in encryption, however, comes a massive increase in security. Any information can be transmitted over the Galactic Cybernet, although documents classified above Top Secret will still be moved by courier vessels.

The Scientific community will generally use either the military cybernet, or the Civilian Cortex, dependant upon the security requirements of their work. Since most research is done on Al'Dev, anyway, they generally do away with either the Cybernet or the Cortex.