The Darlok are secretive and Xenophobic race of shapeshifters. All that is known about them is that they have a Dictatorship, though who or what rules them is a mystery, and that they are adept at spycraft, developing advanced technology to keep their ships and spies out of enemy hands. They make their existance by bartering information, and can be bought by anyone, for a price, although their field of expertise remains in the area of spycraft and assasination.

Not much is known about their bodily functions, however, their bodies consist of an organic fluid matrix that can be brought into any form, at will. They can form themselves into any solid, liquid, gas, or even chemical reactions like fire, and can flow through any gap in their gaseous or liquid state. It is speculated that their power involves sending matter and energy to (and recruiting it from) subspace, as they have often demonstrated the ability to alter their apparent mass. Though how this is managed is a closely guarded secret. When they assume a different shape, such as a rock, scanners will show them as that substance. This works down to the genetic level, thus if a darlok impersonates somebody, any genetic scanner will be fooled. Darloks who have sufficiently disciplined their shapeshifting abilities are able to turn themselves into convincing imitations of lifeforms, including both animals and other humanoids. Darloks can even survive in the vacuum of space, and can somehow propel themselves through it, presumably at speeds great enough to effect interstellar travel. However, if a part of a Darlok is separated from the whole, it reverts to the liquid state. In addition, some inexperienced Darloks must regenerate, returning to their liquid form once every 5-7 days The Darloks have an incredibly long lifespan, with individuals living upwards of 500 years, and each darlok has been shown to have a genetic memory, meaning that anything a Darlok's Parents have learned, the Darlok will know.

All that the Darloks are really known for is their spying abilities. Due to the fact that their brains are decentralized, and otherwise completely foriegn to other races, they have a very high resistance to telepathy, and complete immunity to any form of empathic information gathering. They are also able to make an empathic link with people and tear knowledge directly from their brains, although this is generally a weak power, there are darloks that are incredibly gifted in this field. Currently, the only Darlok colony is on Nazin, however, since they are adept at blending in with other races, it is a distinct possibility that there are other Darloks living on the other planets in the Mrrshan Empire.