A modified jump gate that allows travel between dimensions. Programming for a specific dimension and coordinates within that dimension can take around a year, however, once a portal is opened between the dimensions, an infinite amount of ships can be sent through. In addition, once coordinates have been set, they can be accessed at any time in a matter of seconds, all that has to be done is to charge the capacitors for the initial punch between dimensions.

This device was used to end the Mrrshan-Antaran war by sending a fleet in to destroy the Antarans' dimensional portal. With the mission successful, the Mrrshan turned the rest of the antaran fleet out of this dimension, and were able to live in relative peace, the dimensional portal being used only to banish those that did not comply with the Mrrshan way of life. Work is now being done to miniaturize teh Dimensional Portal such that it can be mobile, with the intent of unleashing the infuriated antarans onto enemies of the Mrrshan. The device is currently under construction in the Al'dev system, well away from any other inhabited systems, under the supervision of Science Station Hermes.