The Fieras system was the first system colonized by the Mrrshan after they made windfall in this universe. The system, in fact, is not too much unlike the Fieras system where they originally evolved. The fieras system consists of 4 planets, three of which are inhabited. They are as follows:

Fieras I: The closest planet to the sun. As such, the surface is irradiated, making it unsuitable for agricultural production. Most of the surface is made up of solar energy farms and defensive emplacements, with the Mrrshan living underground. The planet is Mineral abundant, and is small, however, it can support upwards of 5 billion people inside the crust, and that number is growing. Primary inhabitants are Mrrshan and Psilon

Fieras II: The first planet colonized by the Mrrshan. The planet is Terran, earth like, and is used for above-ground agricultural production. The Mrrshan mostly live underground, however. The Planet is Mineral rich, and as such is used for some industrial production, in addition to housing the Mrrshan capitol. The planet is home to some Klackon workers, but the population is primarily made up of Mrrshan, Bulrathi, and Psilons.

Fieras III: The third farthest from the sun, Fieras III is an arid planet. It is, however, Mineral rich, and so is mostly used for industrial production.

Fieras IV is a gas Giant, and is primarily used for hydrogen mining. Hydrogen mining produces much of the monatomic hydrogen used in Mrrshan fusion reactors, and also provides a base material for replication.

The Fieras system also contains an asteroid belt that is used for resource production. this allows for the construction of many shipyards within the system, which thus allows for the Fieras system to also be one of the major production centers within the Mrrshan empire.