A tangental reactor Developed On Al'Dev by the Psilon Reactor Laboratory, the Quantum/Gravitic ZPR is based loosely upon Drakh Reactor technology, however, it uses a vastly different method of liberating power.


The reactor works by creating a quantum singularity, which is then aligned with a region in subspace from where it can liberate energy. Utilizing this method of power generation, the maximum amount of usable power is limited only by the starship's power distribution net, and can last as long as 20 years on a single singularity, or until the region has been completely depleted of energy. The maximum power output of such a reactor is theoretically unlimited, however, effective limitations on the reactor's power distribution network limit the peak output at around 10 times that of a traditional Quantum/Gravitic reactor.

Creating the SingularityEdit

The Quantum singularity, from which the reactor derives its power is created by an intersection of 8 Graviton Beam weapons, which require startup power delivered by fusion reactors. Once the weapons are fired, gravity fields are aligned in the reactor so as to line the singularity up with a certain subspace point. Then, with the singularity established, graviton beams become energy siphons, and the energy extracted from the singularity. Once the subspace region is spent, the singularity is torn apart by the artificial gravity generators inside the reactor, and the process is repeated again, this time aligning on another section. Depending on the power consumption of the vessel, a singularity can last anywhere from 2 to 10 years, however, with first generation plants, the average use is anywhere from half a year to five, which still puts it in line with normal antimatter power plants in terms of longevity, even though the power output is considerably higher.