The Manta Class Heavy Fighter was designed as to phase out the T'chaar class assault shuttle. Due to the limitations inherant in growing starfighters, the Mrrshan have elected to create an all-Mechanical starfighter corps. The Manta is designed as a Heavy Fighter/Bomber, capable of attacking frigates and ground targets, while maintaining reasonable maneuverability in battle conditions. While a Manta Class Bomber is slow compared to other Mrrshan fighters, it makes up for it in raw maneuverability. With its gravitic engines, it is capable of rapid vector changes, while the plasma engines have rotating nozzles mounted on them to attain nearly the same maneuverability.


  • Length: 15 meters
  • Width: 14 meters

Height: 3.5 Meters

(Crew: Pilot, Gunner, TI-171 Astromech Droid (Optional)