The Mrrshan are a race of feloid warriors, born on an irradiated planet, they have taken to living underground to survive. It is only in recent millenia that they have ventured to live above ground, in large habitats. The Mrrshan are born warriors, but that does not prevent them from appreciating art. Indeed, art is central to many of their endeavors, which is part of what led them to base the majority of their technology on organic construction. The other half is the fact that by presenting beautiful starships, they may lull their enemies into a false sense of security, and tear them limb from limb. Although they are in constant fear of a Roman invasion.

The Mrrshan have a merit-based class system, deeply rooted in the military, and they possess an undying devotion to their emperor, at least from the outside. In reality, the Emperor is almost never seen, and is referred to as "The Unseen Ruler." Only he has the power to overrule the dictates of Council of Eight, and he has the final say on whether or not the Mrrshan go to war. The Unseen ruler is picked every 50 years, from the top ranking members of the Council of Eight. The more visible power lies in the Mrrshan Military, and more specifically, the council of eight, made up of the eight most powerful military leaders. Each ruler has a certain amount of autonomy, and can even open the floor for diplomatic relations if they so desire, but any talk of Alliances must be cleared by the Council of Eight with a two-thirds majority.

Mrrshan are a decidedly hardy species, adapted to life underground and in the harshest of climates. They have 2 hearts, although they are capable of living and functioning with only one, and a series of other redundant organs, like a secondary liver and even a secondary spinal cord. They also have copper based blood, which is why they bleed green. Mrrshan generally live to be about 200 years old, although Mrrshan living to be 300 or even 400 are not entirely unheard of.