The Mrrshan-Corozethian Empire is the political alliance of both the Mrrshan and Corozethian empires. Created due to the fact that the Corozethians required advanced technology and an ally, and the Mrrshan required a larger resource base, the empire has been in existance for over 3 years as of this writing. Currently, the Mrrshan-Corozethian Empire has no central capitol, however, work is being done between the two empires to rectify that.


Currently, the Mrrshan-Corozethian Empire has no united military. Both the Mrrshan Empire and the Corozethian Empire maintain their own home defense forces, while Mrrshan-Built ship smake up the bulk of the real military force. Both Empires maintain an equal say as to how they go to war, and how they distribute their forces outside of their own jurisdictions. Like most political decisions, all military decisions are made by the Council of Twelve, which consists of the Eight major military leaders in the Mrrshan empire, and the four leaders of the Corozethian Empire.


The Political aspect of the Empire is controlled by the same Council of Twelve, in addition to the Major leaders of both the Mrrshan and Corozethian Empires. For the Mrrshan, this is the Emperor. For the Corozethians, this is their main ruler. Both the Mrrshan and the Corozethian empires' main rulers maintain their own rulership on their own worlds. The Mrrshan on Fieras III, and the Corozethians on Corozeth.