The Mrrshan Empire is a limited military dictatorship originally consisting of 6 major races, the Mrrshan, the Silicoids, the Psilons, the Trilarians, the Klackons and the Bulrathi. The majority of these races were members of the Mrrshan empire before their arrival to this galaxy, and four of the six made the original transition with the Mrrshan. The Trilarians and the Silicoids were later re-inducted into the Mrrshan empire, along with a number of new races, including the Delvians, the Darloks and the genetically engineered species known only as the Pilots.


The Mrrshan Empire originated approximately 500,000 years ago with the Mrrshan race on Fieras Prime, in the Etrus Galaxy. A warlike race, they quickly developed into one of the most powerful influences in their galaxy, subjugating only those races that would serve them best. Once subjugated and proven, the races were integrated into the Mrrshan empire, which then put them to where they would be the greatest use. In their heyday, the Mrrshan Empire controlled over half of their galaxy, and would be the standard by which all technology was measured. They would maintain this power until the beginning of the Antaran War.

The Antaran WarEdit

The Antaran War began in 5,771 ARD by Mrrshan reckoning. That is, 5,771 years after the reign of Dominius, The Mrrshan's first Emperor. The war led to the reduction of the Mrrshan empire from over 1,000 systems, to a scant 50 in a matter of 500 years. However, the Mrrshan were able to push the Antarans back, over time by reverse engineering their technology and, with the assistance of the Trilarians, they were able to develop a dimensional portal that would allow them to strike out at the Antaran Hegemony. Knowing that they would likely be unable to return, the Mrrshan sent out an entire colonization force of over 300,000 vessels, in addition to their 100,000 vessel Armada. After the destruction of the Antaran Homeworld, the remnants of the Mrrshan Empire created the New Mrrshan Empire, which exists to this day.

New Mrrshan EmpireEdit

Cut off from the mainland, the fleet landed on the nearest planet, dubbing it Fieras II in honor of their homeworld. It would be 50 years before they made first contact with another race in the Galaxy.


Mrrshan Technology is highly advanced, due mostly to the fact that Psilons make up the driving force behind their technology development. Currently they employ Zero-Point Energy on the majority of their capital vessels, as well as Trans-Dimensional weapons developed during the Antaran War. They are also masters of genetic engineering, creating the entire fleets of living organic starships that make up the bulk of their Space Navy.