An advanced cloaking device that allows a vessel to remain completely invisible to the naked eye, as well as sensors. It works by completely masking the vessel to sensors, while also moving the ship 90 degrees out of phase with the normal universe, rendering the ship invisible to the naked eye, while allowing the vessel to pass through solid objects. The cloaking device, however, draws incredible amount of energy, meaning that weapons cannot be fired while under cloak. In addition, the ship is limited to a speed of around .1-.15c with plasma engines, and .2-.25c with Gravitic engines. The speed limitation is not a factor of the power drain, as the engines draw directly from the reactors, rather, higher velocities induce fluctuations in the cloaking field, that will make the ship appear on sensors. Most methods of Cloak detection are not effective. Even a Tachyon pulse tracker has limited success at penetrating the cloak. Also, since the ship is out of phase with the normal universe, weapons will no damage, which is advantageous, as when the cloak is active, shielding is inoperable.