With the development of the Multi-Phased Cloaking fields, much work was being done to adapt them to personal cloaking fields. However, they shorted out in a matter of only a minute or two, making it useless for personal use. Thus shelved, the technology sat until happened upon by psilon scientists, who adapted it for use on missiles.

Multiphasic penetrator torpedoes operate by the same systems as normal torpedoes, however, they have their own, dedicated multi-phased cloaking devices that allow the missile to phase through shields and hull, to detonate inside the vessel. In addition, the cloaking device masks the missile to most sensors, allowing it to hit the target with ease.

The Missile's guidance system consists of an advanced sensor pallet that allows many target profiles to be input, for example: Strongest energy source, strongest emissions source or other other profiles. The missile will then travel unerringly toward its target at high sublight to low starburst speeds. In the event that the transit time will outlast the cloaking field, once the missile is launched, then the cloaking device is activated.

The warhead is comprised of a 2 Kg Matter/Antimatter charge that is jacketed in liquid Krellium to enhance its power into the multi megaton range, useful for punching through ship's armor if the phasing maneuver fails.

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