The exact opposite of Microlite construction, using nanites to attack the molecular bonds of materials, to reduce them to their constituant elements. This is used primarily for highly efficient recycling and waste disposal, in lieu of the traditional replicators. By reducing the materials to their constituant elements, they can then more efficiently use replicators to transmute the matter. There are, however, limitations to the time that it takes for the reduction to occur. For example, a well known substance will take longer to reduce than a foreign one, as the Mrrshan may not have any knowledge of the construction of the materials. In addition, a more complex substance will take longer to break down than a simple one, due to the number of bonds that have to be broken.

Use in WeaponsEdit

Nano-Disassemblers can also be programmed for use in weapons. Weaponized Nano-Disassemblers can be as effective or even more effective than the Bio-Terminator in terms of removing organic life from a planet. Weaponized nano-disassemblers are designed to be self replicating, then rendering themselves down into their constituent elements once their mission was complete. Nano disassemblers can also be programmed to attack a variety of materials, from organics, to artificial materials, and can also take into account density of materials, thus they can render an entire above ground civilization into nothingness, and leave the planet alone, incredibly effective for large scale resource reclaimation. In addition, the disassemblers are incredibly useful for ship to ship combat, Though slow acting, they can eat large holes into the enemy vessel, causing massive damage over time.