The Naruni Enterprises heavy battle tank was specifically developed to destroy enemy targets. Designed as a siege weapon, it is capable of settling down on its antigravity fields and deploying legs so that it can divert all of its power to firing its main cannon, increasing the power output by two or three fold. While in its siege mode, the NE-375-T is decidedly vulnerable, however, these vulnerabilities are generally mitigated by travelling with smaller escort tanks.


  • Length: 10.7 Meters
  • Width: 7.9 Meters
  • Height: 6.1 Meters
  • Power: Krellium-Enhanced mini fusion reactor
  • Engines: Dual Plasma turbines, Antigrav Matrix
  • Hull: Heavy Xentronium plate, Re-enforced Hull
  • Shield: Holtzmand or Class X shielding systems.
  • Weapons: 1 Heavy Mauler OR 1 Tachyon Pulse Disruptor OR 1 Grav Cannon, or 1 Pulsed Particle Beam Cannon, 1 Mauler or Tachyon Pulse disruptor cannon mounted under Heavy Cannon, 1 Plasma Pulse Cannon on Cupola, 1 Medium Mauler or Tachyon Pulse disruptor Cannon on bow, 8 side mounted Krellium missile launchers
  • Crew: 4, 1 pilot, 1 copilot, 2 gunners.