Touted by Naruni Puublicists as "the ultimate small arm", the NE-800R can be used as an anti-personnel, anti-armor, and anti-aircraft weapons system, all in a relatively compact package. The launcher system resembles a four barreled large bore rifle, approximately 1.25 meters long. Each barrel contains a magnetic linear accellerator that can fire the missiles (Without activating the engines) approximately 1km. The missiles do not activate their engines until after leaving the weapon, thus reducing the risk for burns and other injuries. The weapon is somewhat bulky and ungainly, but any user with a power armor suit can wield it with ease. The MAS fires Micro missiles, and with its four barrels can launch approximately 2 missiles per second, or can fire in volleys of up to 4


Weight: 15 Kg Range: 7+ Km Payload: 40 missiles per Box magazine, 2 magazines can be loaded at a time. Each magazine weighs 5 kg.