Manufacturer: None, Weapons installed by Cha'aan Fleetworks
Type: Destroyer
Ships Role: Anti-Frigate, Anti-Capital
Length: 500 Meters
Beam: 200 Meters
Draft: 75 Meters
Crew Manifest: 120
Skeleton Crew: 10
Troop Manifest: None
Fighter Complement: None
Mech Complement: None
Drive/Computer Systems
Energy/Power Core: 1 Gravitic ZPR
Main FTL Propulsion: Holtzman FTL
Sub-Light Propulsion: 3 Tai'Shan Interphased Plasma Engines
Main Computer Systems: Organic Brain, Nano-Optronic Ancillary Computer
Offensive/Defensive Systems
Heavy Weapons systems: 20 Heavy Mauler Cannons, 10 Heavy Particle beams, 2 Light Grav Cannons
Energy Manipulation: 50 Point Defense Plasma Cannons
Basic Defense Systems: Aetheryn or Class X
Hull: Bio-regenerative Armor, Flowmetal Overlays
Special/Heavy Defense Systems: HAMDS, Sensor Displacer
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation/Alligences: Mrrshan-Corozethian Empire, Mrrshan Navy
Allies: Mrrshan Space Navy

The Phoenix class destroyer is one of the smallest organic vessels. It is commonly used to defend colonies and moons, in lieu of the larger organic vessels. Since the Phoenix is sentient, it does not require any crew, however, the vessels generally carry 120 Mrrshan officers, in order to maintain the ship's systems.