A handheld rifle that is carried by most troops. The plasma rifle uses a microfusion reactor and a supply of deuterium to generate a high energy plasma, which is then injected along the rifle to create a plasma projectile that is layered much like an onion. As the projectile impacts the target, it envelops it, spreading damage evenly across the entirety of the target.

Plasma based weapons come in a number of configurations, and are made by many manufacturers. However, the Cha'aan based Naruni Enterprises owns the majority of the manufacturing contracts for the Mrrshan Military. Here are a few of the more common ones in use:

NE-6 MagnumEdit

A plasma Cartridge revolver. Generally more durable and easier to maintain than traditional plasma weapons. Fires single shot plasma cartriges, and is more powerful that a conventional plasma weapon. The Magnum has a maximum range of around 175 meters. Holds 6-8 shots

NE-H4 Plasma AutopistolEdit

A plasma pistol that uses a larger cartridge. Holds up to 30 shots per cartridge, and can fire up to 152 meters. Also has different settings such as Armor Piercing and Continuous shot bursts. Can also be overloaded and used as a high powered grenade.

NE-600 Plasma SMGEdit

A plasma Cartridge Submachine gun with a range of 150 meters. Specifically designed for urban or starship based military campaigns. Comes with either a 100 shot clip or a 400 shot drum magazine. Can fire in single shots or 10 shot bursts, or full automatic if modified. Capable of firing in AP and Continuous shots as the NE-H4

NE-750 Plasma Assault RifleEdit

As the NE-600 Except with enhanced range (400 meters) and larger magazines: 200 shots for the clip, and 500 Shot drum Magazine.

NE-75H Plasma Sniper RifleEdit

A plasma rifle specifically designed for long range, and to fire AP Plasma Rounds. Has highly advanced optics that allow it to be used as an anti-aircraft weapon. The weapon is over 2 meters long, and has a maximum effective range of 2 kilometers. The weapon is capable of carrying up to 8 high powered Plasma shots, and is capable of firing "Overloaded" in which case the entire cartridge is discharged. A plasma rifle that is overloaded in this manner can penetrate a T'chiir's armor.

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