Raymon Sel
Raymon Sel
Aliases/Other Names: Raymon
Gender: Male
Species: Psilon
Height: 201 CM
Weight: 90 Kg
Planet of Origin: Mentar
Current living space: Antipathy
Home Universe/Reality: Etrus
Ships Posting: Antipathy
Ships Position: Researcher
Rank: Head Researcher
Current Age: 265
Personal Weapons Systems
Particle Beam Weapons: Mk II Plasma Pulse Pistol
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation/Alligences: None
Allies: The Watcher
Enemies: None

Raymon Sel was the lead researcher on Hermes Station, until the interferance of the Ambassador. A genius, and still young for a Psilon, Raymon decided to try his luck with a mysterious machine rather than to risk losing perhaps his greatest accomplishment. While fleeing from the Ambassador in his stolen TARDIS, with nobody other than about 30 other researchers to aid him.

While he is accustomed to being in charge, he is new to the idea of being in command leaving such things to the military types. This means that he takes suggestions that his crew gives seriously, and will generally listen to advice, often to a fault, as he has no formal military training. He carries a plasma pulse pistol, and is relatively proficient in its use, however, he tries not to use it unless absolutely necessary. Being the archetypical scientist, he understands little of the things called "Emotions" and only works on developing his projects, with little thought as to how they are going to be used. Because of this, he also has little understanding in veiled threats, or even sarcasm, taking them as fact. He is also essentially nonviolent, usually resorting to his own limited form of diplomacy to get him out of trouble.

He's an inventor by trade, although he also enjoys taking things apart to see how they work. He also dabbles in Xenolinguistics, though his skills in that field are very limited. He took the job at hermes station as a researcher in Xenoengineering, which led him to acquire his own TARDIS. He always carries a PBMC, probes, and a PBIC for data storage, although he also usually carries a miniaturized computer system in his backpack, as well as numerous other odds and ends on his person. He's also an adventurer, though he would not admit it himself. He has always wanted to see the stars, and that was one of the motivating factors for him leaving the station in his TARDIS. Since he is generally well prepared, he also wears a shield belt.

Currently, he works for the Watcher, witlessly helping him achieve his own ends while sifting through data and doing other maintenance tasks. While this may seem like a dull existance, the Watcher is not cruel to him, and he is free to go whenever he may feel like it, although his pursuit by the Ambassador might give him pause in that respect. While he owns a TARDIS, it is currently kept by the Watcher, along with his specially modified ikran interceptor, and other craft aboard Antipathy, where it will remain unused, as he has no intention of leaving the Watcher.