Manufacturer: Fieras Fleet Yards
Type: Battlecruiser
Ships Role: Anti-Capital, Carrier
Length: 2,250
Beam: 875
Draft: 450
Crew Manifest: 2,500
Troop Manifest: 4,500
Fighter Complement: 48 Mantas, Wolfens, 10 Arapima Gunships
Drive/Computer Systems
Energy/Power Core: 2 Gravitic Zero Point Reactors
Main FTL Propulsion: Holtzman Drive
Sub-Light Propulsion: 3 Interphased Plasma Engines, 2 Gravitic Drive Engines
Main Computer Systems: Gelcircuitry Computer Core
Offensive/Defensive Systems
Heavy Weapons systems: 1 Stellar Converter or 1 Heavy Grav Cannon, 1 Heavy Grav Cannon
Energy Manipulation: 100 Mauler Cannons, 100 Death Rays, 150 Plasma Cannons, 150 Particle Beams, 450 Point Defense Particle Beam Cannons, 2 Gyro Destabilizers
Basic Defense Systems: Xentronium Hull, Flowmetal armor, Aetheryn Shields
Special/Heavy Defense Systems: Sensor Displacer, HAMDS
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation/Alligences: Mrrshan-Corozethian Empire, Mrrshan Empire
Allies: Mrrshan Space Navy

The Rivendell class is a newer model battlecruiser that serves in the Mrrshan Navy. These ships are basically larger, more capable Avengers, that fill the role of a mechanical Cha'aan, although it is more geared towards an anti-capital ship role. The Rivendell class, with its new technology allows for a smaller crew in comparison to most ships, while maintaining even more ships. Mechanical DRRs have also been developed to be controlled by the ships computer for maintenance.