The Sampson Class Reconnaissance Lighter is used for many roles in the Mrrshan military, among them being field reconnaissance, troop transport and heavy lifting. Unlike the other Mrrshan ships, it is completely unsuited to space combat, meaning that they have to be dropped in on dropships, and also requiring a foreward base to be set up.


Length: 18 meters Beam 20 meters Height 4 meters Power: Minifusion reactor Propulsion: 4 Contra-rotating Ducted fan rotors in 2 Nacelles. Shields: Limited Aetheryn or Class X, or none Armor: Light to Medium Xentronium Armor Weapons: 2 Linked Mauler Cannons, 10 Krellium Missiles, One Repeating Plasma Door gun OR 1 Micro-missile launcher (300 Missiles) Crew: 3, with up to 12 passengers