Developed by a joint effort between the Psilons and the Trilarians, it was an accidental discovery. While trying to create an extradimensional space, the Trilarians noticed that the generatiion matrix was showing up on scanners a full 4 meters from its actual position. Since the generation matrix was only approximately 2 meters in diameter, this was an extraordinary feat. Work was quickly put into action to fit these to mrrshan ships.


The Displacer Class Sensor jammers work by bending sensor signals such that the ship appears to be up to one ship length in up, down, left, right, foreward, back, or any combination thereof, from its actual position. This works to fool automated targeting systems and human gunners that are using any sensors other than visual will be fooled by these systems as well. The Displacer Jammers work on visual sensors as well, however, they work a little differently. Instead of displacing the visual sensors, it creates the illusion of the ship existing in more than the usual 3 dimensions, resulting in the ship looking like this (But not a cube) which will cause visual targeting computers to have a hard time locking on, and will cause organic gunners pain, as their brains are not used to assimilating information outside of the normal 3 dimensions. In that way, it would also make the ship more difficult to target by visual sensors. Beings that are capable of multi-dimensional thought, such as Pilots and Trilarians should be immune to this effect.

Other InformationEdit

The Displacer acts in line with the defensive systems, drawing as much power as a similarly sized shielding system. If multiple displacers are mounted on a ship, they can be used to create the illusion of more than one vessel, complete with mass shadows. In nominal operation, the Displacer systems will work out to 7.5 light seconds, however, in normal operation, this range is limited to around 4.5 light seconds. In normal operation, sensors and guidance systems of guided weapons will be fouled, while automated drones will have no hope of targeting the vessel. Dumb munitions will not be altered, however, they still must be targeted by hand. At attack speeds, this is incredibly difficult.