"This Empire... will rule the galaxy"
Sith Mandalorian Empire

Sith-Mandalorian insignia.

- Lord Axion


The Sith-Mandalorian Empire is made up of an alliance between the Sith and Mandalorians. The government is run by the Sith Council, which serves as Lord Axion's advisors. All industrial and militaristic construction is controlled by the Mandalorians.

The current ruler of the empire, is Lord Axion (pronounced action.)


"The Sith do not rest."

- Lord Axion

The Sith-Mandalorian Empire was formed by Lord Axion and, at the time, Mandalore the Indomitable. With a small fleet of several Keldabe-class battle cruisers and various other ships assembled at the empire's capital world of Mandalore, they set out to colonize nearby systems. Within several weeks of the formation of the Empire, their controlled space had doubled in size. The various systems included, Ziost, Thule, Korriban and all of the Dragon Trail.

Several Galactic Standard months had passed and the Empire had been aggressively expanding. Each world was treated the same. Military occupation, the slaughtering of innocents and enslaving many different sentient races unbiasedly. One by one, systems fell to the influence of the Empire. Some willingly, others not.

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