Manufacturer: None
Type: Cruiser
Ships Role: Colony Ship
Length: 2,500 meters
Beam: 550 Meters
Draft: 450 Meters
Crew Manifest: 20
Troop Manifest: 250,000 Colonists
Fighter Complement: none
Mech Complement: none
Drive/Computer Systems
Energy/Power Core: Gravitic ZPR
Main FTL Propulsion: Starburst
Sub-Light Propulsion: 4 Tai'shan Interphased Plasma Engines
Main Computer Systems: Brain, Nano-Optronic Ancillary computers
Offensive/Defensive Systems
Heavy Weapons systems: 20 Mauler Cannons
Energy Manipulation: 40 Point Defense Plasma Cannons
Basic Defense Systems: Aetheryn Shields
Hull: Bio-Regenerative Armor, Flowmetal Overlays
Special/Heavy Defense Systems: HAMDS, Sensor Displacer
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation/Alligences: Mrrshan Empire
Allies: Mrrshan Space Navy

The Straith is a colony ship specifically designed to set up serviceable outposts quicky. The starbinger lands and quickly burrows out the initial tunnels for the colonists to live in. The organic hull then takes over, growing into a large tree-like organism that is hollow on the inside, and then propegates on its own, building structures for additional colonists to live in, and making room for defensive weapons emplacements. These colony ships are under-armed for their size, but they are heavily armored to increase their survivability both in space, and on the ground, after the initial construction of the colony.