A device capable of moving instantaneously moving objects from one place to another. Uses principles of foldspace, by forcibly bending the two spaces together within the chamber and using a quantum tunneling effect to get the object from the pod to the target or vice versa.

The subspace teleporter is capable of teleporting even the largest of Mrrshan cruisers, but requires significantly more power to use in this way. Also, it requires a large stabilizing mass in proportion to the object being beamed. Thus, a teleporter used to transport small vehicles or people will require a small stabilizing mass that can generally be installed in the teleporter pod, while a transporter designed to transport cruisers will generally require a stabilizing mass the size of a small moon.

Range is limited to around 6500 kilometers. Range is also dependant on stabilizing mass. Thus a teleporter designed to transport an object 2500 km will require a smaller stabilizing mass than one designed to transport an object 5 million KM.