From the time the Mrrshan had first developed sublight engines, it was evident that they could not travel much at a speed of much more than .25c without having severe time dialation effects. Even when the Mrrshan developed more advanced technologies, such as interphased plasma and ultimately Gravitic drive engines, they could not operate beyond .25c, even when the ship was physically capable of travelling twice to three times that speed.

Developed by a Psilon scientist, the Temporal stasis field is something of a misnomer. Instead of creating a localized area where time does not flow, it uses subspace field (again, derivations of Holtzman's own equations,) to isolate the starship from the effects of relativistic time dialation, as the normal laws of physics do not apply in subspace. These subspace fields are yet another derivation of the Holtzman equations, and serve merely as a static field, rather than a propulsive field as in the Holtzman Drives. The Temporal Stasis Field Generator is integrated into the ship's main engines, which are the only engines capable of accellerating the ship beyond .25c in the first place. Work is currently being done to refit the fleet with these devices so that the full p