Th'Nor Class
Manufacturer: Narn Regime
Type: Light Cruiser
Length: 1,000 meters
Crew Manifest: 85
Troop Manifest: 200
Fighter Complement: 6 Frazi Fighters
Drive/Computer Systems
Main FTL Propulsion: Jump Engines
Sub-Light Propulsion: BB9K Ion Engines

Gravimetric Drive

Offensive/Defensive Systems
Weapons: * 2 Heavy Plasma Cannon
  • 8 Light Pulse Cannons

Fusion missiles [2 launchers]

Basic Defense Systems: * 4 - 6 meter armoured hull
  • Electromagnetic Defences
  • 2 Tractor Beams
  • Gravimetric Defence Grid
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation/Alligences: Narn-Centauri Commonwealth

Narn Regime

Th'Nor Class Cruisers were the first and primary capital ship used by the Narn Regime during it's first fifty year rise to power following the end of the Centauri's century long occupation. From 2215 to 2245 the Th'Nor would be the basis for all Narn starship designs.

the Th'Nor are often linked together to form a Starbase, allowing the Commonwealth to set up a presence in the area quickly.