Th'Nor Class
Type: Light Cruiser
Length: 1,000 Meters
Crew Manifest: 200+800 Troops
Fighter Complement: 12 Wolfens
Drive/Computer Systems
Energy/Power Core: 1 Krellium enhanced Gravitic fusion reactor
Main FTL Propulsion: Starburst @ Hetch 1 or Holtzman drive
Sub-Light Propulsion: 2 Gravitic Engines
Offensive/Defensive Systems
Basic Defense Systems: Class X or Aetheryn Shields
Hull: Xentronium Re-enforced Hull with Xentronium ablative plate
Chronological and General Info

Developed out of Narn ships left on Narn, it is capable starship, even though it is less advanced than other Mrrshan ships. This is an advantage, however, as it allows the Mrrshan to field more of these ships at a time, allowing destruction through sheer numbers.