The Ambassador
Gender: Male
Species: Timelord
Height: 180 Centimetres
Weight: 90 Kilogrammes
Planet of Origin: Gallifrey
Home Universe/Reality: Doctor Who
Profession(s): Wanderer
Ships Posting: The Ambassador's TARDIS
Current Age: 523
Personal Weapons Systems
Particle Beam Weapons: Mrrshan Bullpup Plasma Rifle, Laser Screwdriver
Armour/Attire: Duster
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation/Alligences: None
Allies: G'Kar, Mukirr Ma'naan
Enemies: Raymon Sel, The Watcher, Mrrshan Empire, Riltonian Empire


The First Ambassador

the Ambassador is the name taken by a Renegade Timelord travelling the Galaxy in his beat up, and Broken down TARDIS, which is in the shape of a 1950's Red Glasgow Police Box. this is the first form of the Ambassador who is a No nonsense kind of guy who refuses to let people exploit the weak and under privileged. while most would prefer not to get involved, the Ambassador is the kind to rush to the defence of the people of the Galaxy. unfortunately for him, his TARDIS is in serious disrepair, it's Chameleon Circuit doesn't work. and neither does the Time Travel Mechanism.

Early travelsEdit

The Ambassador is very knowledgeable of the galaxies events, having waited around and observing things, much like The Watcher, however, with only simple curiosity in mind. he first got involved in the Galaxy while on-board the Mrrshan Empire research centre Hermes Station, where he destroyed a science lab researching Timelord technology. soon after he met G'Kar on board his Flagship, Na'Kili, in passing. and Mukirr Ma'naan shortly afterwards.

Conflict with the Riltonian EmpireEdit

Mukirr Ma'naan and the Ambassador were attacked by Riltonian soldiers on the planet of Luyten 726-8, where Mukirr had been left stranded upon the disappearance of the UNSC. The Ambassador and Mukirr joined forces against the Riltonians and were able to escape from the planet unscathed. however, Mukirr was captured by the Riltonians, the Ambassador rescued Mukirr by having his TARDIS materialise around him, escaping the ship, not to be undone. Mukirr used his fighter's short range Starburst missiles to destroy the Riltonian ship.

looking for a scapegoat, the Riltonians blamed the destruction of their ship on the Corozethians, and entered a brief conflict with the Mrrshan and the Corozethians. ending in their total destruction.

The EnclaveEdit

The Ambassador's TARDIS materialised on the Mrrshan World of Sigma Draconis. however, it was not the Mrrshan to take notice. a force of Enclave Soldiers stormed the TARDIS, with orders to bring the Ambassador to their leader, President Francis Dixon, who, after hearing of the Ambassador's raid on Hermes Station. enlisted the Ambassador's aid in delivering an Enclave Science Team to the neighbouring planet of Cryslon.

Cryslon, And RegenerationEdit

on Cryslon, the Enclave forces encountered resistance from Local Silicoid forces. the Ambassador's Radiation suit was torn, causing him to regenerate for the first time in his life.