An Early Model Triax Battleoid, the 327-C is one of the mainstays of the Mrrshan Armored infantry. This version is slower and better armed, when compared to the 341-B, and is generally deployed as a companion to other battleoids or tanks, especially the Naruni Heavy Battle Tank, although it is capable of being a seige weapon all on its own.


  • Height: 14.7 Meters
  • Width: 6.7 Meters
  • Length: 7.2 Meters
  • Power: Krellium enhanced Minifusion Reactor
  • Propulsion: Motive nanoweave, Plasma pulse jets
  • Hull: Xentronium hull with Xentronium plate or Flowmetal Armor
  • Shields: Class X or Aetheryn
  • Weapons: 1 Mauler Autocannon or 1 Tachyon Pulse Disruptor, or Pulsed Particle Beam Cannon, 1 Medium Plasma *Pulse Cannon mounted on left Shoulder, 3 Mini missile Launchers (24 Missiles), hand to hand combat possible
  • Crew: 1