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Trilarians were well known to the Mrrshan in their home Universe. Indeed, they were members of the Mrrshan Empire in its heyday.

Trilarians are a highly advanced amphibious species, and coexisted among the Mrrshan for quite awhile. They are highly intelligent, rivaling Psilons in their research abilities, and incredibly secretive when it comes to their internal issues. They look like no other form of life, indeed, they are not of this dimension. Rumor has it that the Trilarians were a splinter colony that was cut off from the Antaran empire. Evidence certainly supports this, as the Trilarians were at least as advanced as the Antarans, and have an astounding predilection for Antaran Technology. They still maintain fleets of Antaran vessels in their navy.

Trilarians are Trans-Dimensional, and as such, have the innate ability to transport themselves to other dimensions, and indeed to transport themselves anywhere within the known universe almost instantaneously. Since they are so attuned to the dimensions, their FTL drives are incredibly efficient, traversing many hundreds of light years in mere hours. Also, being descendants of the Antarans, they share the Antarans' DNA memories. In addition, they are able to pass as antarans, and in so doing, they were able to acquire and recreate an antaran main computer core. Making them Privy to all forms of highly advanced technology, effectively making them a Tier 12 race by Mrrshan Reckoning.

For all their relations to the Antarans, the Trilarians are decidedly friendly. They are inherantly peaceful, and have an honor system very similar to the Mrrshan. And while they are peaceful, they are a danger when threatened, as their ships are much faster than other races'. They rule as a dictatorship traditionally, however, while they were members of the Mrrshan empire, they operated as members of the council.

While Trilarians come from another dimensions, enough is known about them to give them medical attention. A trilarian has a binary heart system, and many other redundant organs. In addition, they can live upwards of 500 years, with some being known to live for Millenia. They also exist partially out of this dimension, meaning that normal weapons will do less damage to them. Multi-dimensional weapons, such as Mauler Cannons, will, however, do normal damage